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Red Top Peaches

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This item was last sold on : 08/28/19
Andys Orchard    


Red Top peaches are large, yellow, freestone peaches with an attractive red blushed skin often with several freckles, known as sugar specks. The flesh is a golden yellow, firm and fine grained. Red Top peaches, are a late-summer variety, known for their fragrant leaves, pink flowers and balance of sweet and tart flavor. Red top peaches can be enjoyed fresh but also does well canned or frozen.


Red Top peaches are available in the summer months.

Current Facts

Peaches, botanical name, Prunus Persica, are a stone fruit and species within the genus, Prunus, alongside cherries, apricots, plums and almonds. Peaches are also classified as clingstone or freestone, signaling to whether the fruit's pit hugs its flesh or is easily removed. Most yellow-fleshed peaches are clingstone varieties while white-fleshed peaches fall into the freestone category. The greatest difference between the two is really about texture and taste.