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Green Asparagus

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Food Buzz: History of Asparagus     


Asparagus plants are comprised of underground rhizomes that produce upright stems that emerge from the soil and have a cylindrical, straight appearance, capped with a tapered tip. The young shoots or stems are known as spears, and the spears will vary in thickness and length, depending on cultivation methods. Standard Asparagus is specifically grown and marketed to reach up to 22 centimeters in length and 1 to 2 centimeters in diameter. The green spears have smooth, taut, and firm skin and are topped with pointed, tightly closed pale green heads. Underneath the surface, the flesh is dense, pale green, and crunchy with a slightly woody, fibrous consistency. Asparagus develops a tender, chewy texture when cooked and emit a mild, subtly sweet, bright, and grassy flavor with earthy, vegetal, and faintly bitter nuances.


Asparagus is grown in both hemispheres, creating year-round availability. The spears have a peak season in the spring through summer.

Current Facts

Asparagus, botanically classified as Asparagus officinalis, is a perennial plant harvested for its edible young spears belonging to the Asparagaceae family. The name Asparagus is a general term used for three variations of the plant: green, white, and purple. Green Asparagus is considered the standard color of Asparagus, while white and purple are variations created through specific cultivation methods. Asparagus was once a springtime delicacy that has expanded to worldwide production to provide a steady supply of spears year-round. The young shoots are favored for their mild, grassy, and subtly sweet flavor and crunchy nature and are valued by chefs for their quick cooking times. Asparagus plants take approximately 3 to 4 years after sowing to grow edible shoots, but once they begin producing, the plants will annually develop shoots for years after. The plants are also known for their short season and must be harvested by hand, making them a labor-intensive crop, sometimes increasing their price in commercial markets, depending on the season.

Nutritional Value

Asparagus is a source of vitamin K to assist in faster wound healing, fiber to regulate the digestive tract, and vitamin C to strengthen the immune system while reducing inflammation. The spears also contain vitamin A to maintain healthy organ functioning, folate to develop red blood cells, glutathione, an antioxidant that plays an important role in nutrient metabolism, and contains other amounts of phosphorus, vitamin E, and potassium. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates used Asparagus medicinally as a diuretic, and the Greek physician used dried Asparagus spears in tea.


Asparagus has a mild, grassy flavor suited for fresh and cooked preparations. The spears need to be trimmed, discarding any fibrous ends, and they can be naturally snapped to remove the tough portions of the shoot. Asparagus can be finely shaved into salads, thinly sliced and mixed into grain bowls, or shredded into vegetable side dishes. While the spears can be used raw, they are most popularly cooked to develop a crisp, tender consistency. Asparagus can be steamed and coated in sauces and butter, boiled and served with fresh herbs, or grilled for a smokey flavor. The spears can also be stir-fried into rice and noodle dishes, blanched, chilled, and served in a vinaigrette, or baked into egg dishes, casseroles, souffle, and gratins. The spears can also be pickled for extended use. Asparagus pairs well with spring ingredients such as morel mushrooms, green garlic, wild ramps, fennel, leeks, young lettuces and citruses, meats including bacon, sausage, lamb, and prosciutto, and fresh herbs such as mint, parsley, dill, and lemon balm. Asparagus spears can be stored upright in a glass filled with a small amount of water and covered in plastic in the refrigerator. The spears can also be loosely wrapped and placed in the crisper drawer. Whatever storage method is chosen, it is recommended to consume the shoots within three days of purchase for the best quality and flavor. Asparagus can also be blanched and frozen for up to one year.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

Asparagus was a prized vegetable in the cuisine of ancient Rome. The shoots were extensively cultivated in large commercial beds, and the plants were grown throughout the Roman Empire as early as 200 BCE. The term Asparagus is derived from the Persian word “asaparag,” meaning “shoot.” Over time, the word “sperage” was used, and in the 16th century, the word “sparagus” was used in English-speaking countries, eventually transitioning into Asparagus. Legend has it Emperor Augustus favored Asparagus so much that he established a team of ships and runners to quickly transport the spears across the empire to keep them fresh. Asparagus was only consumed as a culinary ingredient in ancient Rome when it was in season. Outside of its season, the shoots were dried for extended use. Drying allowed the spears to be quickly cooked, creating the phrase “Quicker than you can cook Asparagus,” coined by Emperor Augustus. Beyond cultural influences, Asparagus is found in a 4th century CE cookbook known as Apicius or De Re Coquinaraia. The shoots are featured in three recipes, including a puree, blanched and cooked as a vegetable, and served in a patina recipe, a souffle-style dish.


Asparagus is native to regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including countries in southern Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East, and can be traced back as early as 3000 BCE. Wild plants produced thin and slender shoots and were traditionally found in temperate climates along bodies of water, including lakes, riverbanks, and coastlines. Asparagus was cultivated in ancient Egypt and used in religious offerings and rituals. The shoots were also harvested from wild plants in ancient Greece and grown in gardens in ancient Rome. Over time, Asparagus was domesticated through selective breeding, creating thicker, fleshier shoots, and was eventually introduced into the rest of Europe. Asparagus was consumed in the French royal courts throughout the 16th century and became available to the public in the 18th century. Around the same time in the 17th century, the plant was introduced into New England by French and English colonists. By the mid-19th century, Asparagus had been planted in northern California. Asparagus escaped cultivation in the United States and was spread across the country, growing as a perennial in temperate regions along the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast. Today Asparagus is commercially cultivated in China, Thailand, Germany, Peru, Mexico, and in California, Michigan, Washington, and New Jersey of the United States.

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Tonnemaker Valley Farm
16211 140th Place NE Woodinville WA 98072
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    Cornish Aromatic

    Cornish Gilliflower


    Cosmic Crisp


    Court of Wick

    Court Pendu Plat

    Crimson Gold


    Cripps Pink



    D'Arcy Spice



    Daniel Fele Renet






    Egremont Russet

    Ein Shemer


    Ellison's Orange







    Faversham Creek




    George Cave

    Ginger Gold


    Gold Medal

    Golden Delicious

    Golden Reinette

    Golden Supreme



    Granny Smith

    Granny Smith Red




    Green Dragon™



    Grimes Golden





    Hidden Rose®


    Honey Crunch


    Hubbardston Nonesuch


    Ile Alatau Aport

    Ingrid Marie

    Isaac Newton's Tree

    James Grieve









    Kaiser Franz Joseph

    Kaiser Wilhelm



    kazakhstan Jubilee



    Kidds Red


    King David

    Kissabel Jaune

    Knobby Russet




    La Crete De Fontena


    Lady Alice

    Lamb Abbey

    Laxton's Superb







    Lord Lambourne

    Lucy™ Rose


    Mabbott's Pearmain



    Malang Cherry

    Malang Green

    Malus Sieversii






    Melrose White

    Merton Worcester


    Miss Lady


    Mollie's Delicious


    Mountain Rose



    Mutsu Red

    Mystery Kazakh

    New Jersey

    Newton Wonder

    Newtown Pippin




    Norfolk Royal Russet


    Norman's Pippin

    Northern Spy


    Oaken Pin (of Taylor)




    Orin Sweet


    Ozark Gold

    Pacific Beauty

    Pacific Rose™

    Paradis Sparkling®

    Patte de Loup

    Paula Red



    Pearmain Blue

    Pearmain Old



    Philo Gold

    Pig's Nose


    Pink a Boo

    Pink Lady®

    Pinner Seedling










    Rhode Island Greening



    Rosalynn Daisy



    Roxbury Russet










    Sekai Ichi


    Sheep's Nose


    Shinano Gold

    Shinano Red



    Sir John Thornycroft

    Smart's Prince Arthur











    Splashes Of Champagne


    Star Crimson


    Strawberry Parfait

    Suffolk Pink







    Swiss Gourmet

    Tejocote Fruits





    Twenty Ounce


    Upton Pyne

    Vernyi Pear




    White Filling

    White Pearmain

    Wild Twist

    William Crump

    William's Favourite

    Williams' Pride



    Winter Banana

    Yellow Transparent

    Zabergau Renette












    Black Velvet™

    Blue Velvet™

    Gold Velvet™

    Red Velvet™

  Other Varieties




    Anya CandyCots®



    Bonny Royal

    Cot-N-Candy Aprium®





    Sugar Buns










    Fingerroot Ginger




    Temu Ireng



    Kaffir Lime



    Ti Green







    Ginger Young

    Kohlrabi Green

    Kohlrabi Purple

    Kohlrabi White



    Taro Big

    Taro Stems

    Taro Thai Yam

    Taro Yatsugashira




  Other Varieties


    Asam Kumbang Fruit

    Ayame Yuki

    Bac Ha

    Bamboo Shoots Dried

    Bamboo Shoots Fresh

    Bamboo Takenoko

    Bananas Pisang Mas


    Basil Thai White Holy

    Batrawali Vines

    Bitter Eggplant (Likok)

    Bottle Gourd

    Buah Pedada

    Butterbur Sprout

    Cabbage Bok Choy

    Cabbage Napa Cabbage

    Cabbage Savoy Cabbage

    Celery Baby

    Celery Chinese

    Chi Gu

    Choy Sum

    Cucumbers Korean

    Cucumbers Lemon

    Cucumbers Persian


    Drumstick Moringa

    Eggplant Chinese

    Eggplant Japanese

    Gai Choy

    Gai Lan

    Ghost Plant

    Gourd Sponge

    Gourd Sponge Smooth

    Greens Tatsoi

    Greens Totsoi Red

    Herbs Basil Thai

    Herbs Chives Yellow

    Herbs Lemongrass

    Indian Eggplant

    Indian Shallot

    Jack Fruit

    Japanese Knotweed

    Kani Bunga Ginger

    Katakuri Flowers





    Kufri Pukhraj Potatoes

    Kundu Winter Melon

    Lett Mizuna



    Midin Jungle Fern


    Mixian (Chinese Amarith)




    Mush Wine Caps





    Okahijiki Land Seaweed

    Olives Chinese

    Ooba Green

    Ooba Red

    Paku Pakis

    Papaya Green


    Pea Vines

    Pears Asian

    Peas Snow




    Radish Daikon

    Radish Korean Lo Buc

    Raisin Tree Japanese

    Rakkyo Negi

    Rice Shoots Wild




    Shelling Beans Edamame

    Snake Gourd

    Sprouts China Rose

    Sprts Bean Mung

    Sprts Kaiware

    Squash Kabocha

    Squash Opo

    Sugar Cane

    Sugar Cane Swizzle




    Teasel Gourd

    Terung Asam







    Water Dropwort

    Water Lily Fruit


    Yama Udo


    Young with Leaves





















  Other Varieties




    Brazilian Dwarf









    Ice Cream



    Lady Finger


    Nam Wah (Thai)



    Praying Hands










    Thousand Fingers















    Black Coco

    Black Soybeans




    Dragon Tongue



    Fava Greens


    Flor de Mayo

    Frijol Cuarentano

    Frijoles Cargamanto Rojos

    Frijoles Diablito


    Good Mother

    Hidatsa Red


    Jacob's Cattle

    Kacang Polong Bogor


    Lima Christmas

    Montes de Maria



    Pigeon Peas


    Scarlet Runner


    Tiger's Eye

    Tongue of Fire



    White Cap

  Other Varieties

    Blue Lake



    China Long

    China Long Purple

    China Long White

    Dragon Tongue

    English Runner

    Flat Valor


    French Baby Purple

    French Baby Yellow

    Guar (Cluster)

    Indian Broad

    Kacang Polong Bogor

    Karang Panjang



    Romano Green

    Romano Yellow

    Ruby Moon

    Valor Long

    Wax Yellow














    Bunch Bulls Blood

    Bunch Chioggia

    Bunch Cylindra

    Bunch Gold

    Bunch Red

    Bunch White

  Other Varieties

    Badger Flame


    Crapaudine Beetroot


    Forno Gold

    Forno Red

    Large Chioggia

    Large Gold

    Large Red




    White Avalanche

Bell Peppers


















    Tinker Colorful

    Tinker Green

    Tinker Yellow













  Other Varieties





    Japanese Green

    Japanese Red

    Orange Mini

    Red Mini

    Sweet Mini Mix


















    Pink Lemonade




    Black Currants

    Red Currants

    Tiben Currants

    White Currants












    Pink Thornless








    Chinese Red


    King White





















    Asuka Ruby


    Beni Hoppe


    Green Strawberries




    Mara Des Bois



    Sakura Momo

    Sanuki Hime








  Other Varieties



    Barberry Kashgar


    Black Nightshade






    Capulin Cherry

    Cherry of the Rio Grande

    Chokeberry Black


    Cinnamon Tree


    Coffee Gold


    Cranberry Highbush

    Cranberry Swamp Siberian


    Dogwood Kousa


    Elderberry White



    Guelder Rose

    Huckle Black

    Huckle Red

    Husk Tomato

    Indian Hawthorn







    Kiwi Baby

    Kiwi Baby Red



    Leunca Nightshade

    Lilly Pilly



    Michurin's Aronia



    MorĂłn de Páramo




    Nanking Cherries







    Sea Buckthorn






    Tropical Apricot





Bitter Melon

Bok Choy


Brussels Sprouts













    Choy Bok Choy

    Choy Bok Choy Baby

    Choy Bok Choy Red

    Choy Bok Choy Shanghai



    Michihili Napa

    Napa Cabbage

    Red Napa Cabbage

    Sprouting Napa

  Other Varieties

    Choi Sum Baby White

    Conehead Cabbage

    Conehead Red

    Fun Jen Cabbage

    Green Baby Cabbage

    Green Cabbage

    Hakusai Cabbage

    Italian Black

    Pac Choi

    Red Baby Cabbage

    Red Cabbage

    Savoy Baby Cabbage

    Savoy Cabbage

    Savoy Red Deadon

    Taiwanese Bok Choy

    Taiwanese Flat Cabbage

    Tokyo Bekana

    Yu Choy









    Green Cactus

    Red Cactus

    Red Foraged Cactus

    Yellow Cactus

  Other Varieties

    Agave Buds

    Barrel Cactus Fruit

    Buds Nopales

    Cholla Buds

    Golden Torch

    Hojas de Maguey Leaves

    Organ Pipe

    Peruvian Apple

    Sanky Cactus


    Yucca Buds




























  Other Varieties

    Caulilini Sweet Stem




















    La Rosa del Veneto




  Other Varieties





    Pissenlit Blanc



    White Salad








  Buddha's Hand










  Yuzu Shi Shi











  Sea Coconut




  With Husk



  Young Green




Dragon Fruit




  Banyuwangi Red


  Black Thorn




  Kan Yao

  Kerantungan Wild







  Musang King



  Puang Manee


  Red Prawn
















    Flower Blend™




    Sun Daisy™

    White Mum™

  Other Varieties

    Almond Blossoms

    Alyssum Purple

    Alyssum White

    Amaranth Tassel Burgundy


    Apple Blossoms

    Apricot Blossoms




    Bachelor's Buttons


    Basil Blossoms



    Borage White


    Buzz Button™

    Calendula Mix





    Cat Whiskers

    Chinese Lantern

    Chive Blossoms

    Chrysanthemum Japanese


    Citrus Gem Mix



    Cowslip Creeper


    Daisy Chocolate

    Dianthus MicroFlowers™

    Dill Blossoms




    Fennel Blossom

    Fennel Bronze


    Ginger Torch

    Hana Wasabi

    Hanaho Flowers

    Iceplant Buds


    Lavender Wands


    Loroco Blossoms

    Malabar Spinach

    Marigold Florets MicroFlowers




    Mustard Frill Red

    Mustard MicroFlowers™

    Nasturtium Pods


    Onion Flowers Wild


    Orange Blossoms


    Oregano Flowers

    Ox Eye Daisy


    Papaya Flowers

    Peach Blossoms

    Pink Peppercorns



    Radish Daikon Blossoms

    Rosemary Blossoms




    Sesbania Flowers White

    Sesbania Flowers Yellow


    Sticky Monkey

    Sunchoke Blossoms


    Sunny Side Up



    Thyme Flowering



    Winter Savory

    Woolly Blue Curls


    Yucca Blossoms







    Black Nightshade


    Cinnamon Tree

    Cranberry Highbush


    Dogwood Kousa

    Indian Hawthorn








    Agave Buds


    Cholla Buds

    Golden Torch

    Organ Pipe

    Pear Red Cactus

    Peruvian Apple


    Yucca Buds




    Onion Wild

    Ox Eye

    Pink Peppercorn

    Sticky Monkey

    Woolly Blue Curls







    Pollen Cones

    apple Weed

  Other Varieties


    Acorns Live Oak Coastal

    Agretti Italian Baby


    Autumn Olives

    Balloon Cotton-Bush Fruit

    Bark Madrone


    Broadleaf Plantain


    Carrot Wild


    Celery Wild




    Dates Senegal Palm

    Desert Apricots



    Fennel Seeds

    Ferns Fiddlehead Ferns

    Ferns Hawaiian Pohole Ferns

    Grape Wild


    Hawaiian Mountain Apple


    Herbs Sage Black

    Herbs Sage White

    Herbs White Horehound


    Ice Plant

    Iodine Bush

    Japanese Knotweed


    Kaffir Plum



    Leaves Bay California

    Leaves Nasturtium

    Leaves Strawberry

    Lettuce Miners Red

    Lettuce Wild

    Lulo Silvestre

    Lulo Toronjo



    Midin Jungle Fern

    Milkweed Pods

    Mountain Tea

    Mushrooms Chaga

    Mushrooms Chanterelles

    Mushrooms Morels

    Mustard Wild

    Natal Plums

    New Zealand Spinach

    Oats Wild


    Paku Pakis

    Pea Shoots

    Peas Wild


    Peppercorns Fresh Green

    Peppercorns Pink

    Peppercorns Szechuan

    Pink Wampee

    Pitcher Plant


    Radish Wild


    Rhubarb Wild

    Ribgrass Plantain

    Romerito (Seepweed)

    Root Yellow

    Roots Licorice

    Roots Stinging Nettle

    Roots Wild Arugula

    Rose Hips


    Sea Beans

    Sea Fennel

    Seaweed Sargassum


    Spruce Tips


    Stinging Nettles


    Strawberry Tree


    Tepin Chile

    Walking Tree Onions

    Water Mimosa

    Watercress Wild

    Wild Peaches

    Wild Spinach (Lambs Quarter)

    Wood Sorrel

    Yam Wild

Fresh Origins



    Endive Violet Flash™ Leaf

    Flowers Angelica

    Flowers Arugula Blossoms

    Flowers Assortment

    Flowers Basil Blossoms

    Flowers Begonia

    Flowers Broccoli Flowers

    Flowers Buzz Buttons™

    Flowers Dianthus MicroFlowers™

    Flowers Fava

    Flowers Fennel Blossom

    Flowers Firestix™

    Flowers Hanaho Flowers

    Flowers Lavender Wands

    Flowers Micro Blend™

    Flowers Micro Fuchsia™

    Flowers Micro Jasmine

    Flowers Micro Marigold Florets™

    Flowers Micro Marigold™

    Flowers Micro Mustard

    Flowers Micro Orchid™

    Flowers Micro Radish

    Flowers Micro Star™

    Flowers Micro Sun Daisy™

    Flowers Micro White Mum™

    Flowers Rose Little Red Corvette

    HerbTops Mint Peppermint

    HerbTops Mint Spearmint

    HerbTops Mixture

    Leaf Amaranth Giant

    Leaf Giant Fire™

    Leaf Kinome Leaf

    Leaf Nasturtium Leaves

    Leaf Oyster

    Leaf Purple Butterfly™ Sorrel

    Leaf Sorrel Silver

    Leaf Sunset Geranium™

    Micro Arugula

    Micro Arugula Sylvetta™

    Micro Basil Cinnamon

    Micro Basil Italian

    Micro Basil Lemon

    Micro Basil Opal

    Micro Basil Thai

    Micro Beet Bulls Blood

    Micro Borage

    Micro Buzz Leaf™

    Micro Cabbage Chinese

    Micro Cabbage Red

    Micro Caraway

    Micro Carrot Fern Leaf™

    Micro Celery

    Micro Celery Feather Leaf

    Micro Chamomile

    Micro Chef's Blend

    Micro Chervil

    Micro Chives

    Micro Cilantro

    Micro Cress Pepper

    Micro Cress Upland

    Micro Cress Water

    Micro Dill

    Micro Epazote

    Micro Fennel

    Micro Greens Amaranth Red

    Micro Hearts on Fire™

    Micro Herb Mix™

    Micro Hibiscus

    Micro Huacatay

    Micro Kale Red

    Micro Kale Tuscan

    Micro Leek

    Micro Lemon Balm

    Micro Mache

    Micro Marjoram

    Micro Mint

    Micro Mint Lavender™

    Micro Mint Lemon™

    Micro Mint Pineapple Tops

    Micro Mint Top Mix

    Micro Mix Asian ™

    Micro Mix Cajun™

    Micro Mix Chard

    Micro Mix Citrus™

    Micro Mix Fines Herbes™

    Micro Mix Intensity™

    Micro Mix Italian

    Micro Mix Mint

    Micro Mix Mirepoix™

    Micro Mix Ocean™

    Micro Mix Poultry™

    Micro Mix Rainbow™

    Micro Mix Shiso

    Micro Mix Southwest™

    Micro Mix Spicy™

    Micro Mizuna

    Micro Mustard Dijon™

    Micro Mustard Red

    Micro Parsley Curled

    Micro Parsley Italian

    Micro Pea Greens

    Micro Pennyroyal

    Micro Peppercress

    Micro Radish Mix™

    Micro Radish Ruby™

    Micro Savory

    Micro Sea Beans™

    Micro Sea Grass™

    Micro Shiso Green

    Micro Shiso Korean

    Micro Shiso Red

    Micro Sorrel

    Micro Tangerine Lace™

    Micro Tarragon

    Micro Tatsoi

    Micro Thyme

    Micro Verdolaga

    Micro Wasabi™

    MiniCrown™ Frisee

    MiniCrown™ Lettuce Mix

    MiniCrown™ Lollo Rossa

    MiniCrown™ Mache

    MiniCrown™ Pak Choy

    Nature Straws™ Green

    Petite® Amaranth Red

    Petite® Angelica

    Petite® Arugula

    Petite® Arugula Sylvetta™

    Petite® Basil Lemon

    Petite® Basil Licorice

    Petite® Basil Opal

    Petite® Basil Thai

    Petite® Beet Bull's Blood

    Petite® Buzz Leaf™

    Petite® Celery

    Petite® Chervil

    Petite® Chives

    Petite® Epazote

    Petite® Fennel

    Petite® Hearts on Fire™

    Petite® Herb Mix™

    Petite® Iceplant

    Petite® Lavender

    Petite® Lemon Grass™

    Petite® Lilyette Leaf™

    Petite® Lucky Shamrock Mix™

    Petite® Marjoram

    Petite® Mint

    Petite® Mint Chocolate Tops

    Petite® Mitsuba

    Petite® Mix Amth Carnival™

    Petite® Mix Asian™

    Petite® Mix Basil™

    Petite® Mix Citrus™

    Petite® Mix Fines Herbes™

    Petite® Mix Mustard™

    Petite® Mix Season's™

    Petite® Mix Shiso

    Petite® Mix Spinach™

    Petite® Mizuna

    Petite® Mustard Frill Green

    Petite® Mustard Frill Red

    Petite® Mustard Red

    Petite® Ocean Mix

    Petite® Oregano

    Petite® Pak Choy

    Petite® Pak Choy Red

    Petite® Parsley Curled

    Petite® Pea Greens™

    Petite® Sea Beans

    Petite® Sea Fennel™

    Petite® Sea Grass™

    Petite® Shiso Green

    Petite® Shiso Red

    Petite® Sorrel

    Petite® Sorrel Pink Meadow

    Petite® Sorrel Red Meadow

    Petite® Spinach Burgundy™

    Petite® Spinach Lilac™

    Petite® Spinach New Zealand

    Petite® Tangerine Lace™

    Petite® Tarragon Spanish™

    Petite® Tatsoi

    Petite® Thyme

    Petite® Verdolaga

    Petite® Watercress

    Petite® Watercress Pink Ice

    Petite® Watercress Red™

    Petite® Watercress White Angel™

    Shoots Gold Pea

    Shoots Kaiware Gold™

    Shoots Popcorn

    TenderGreens™ Bulls Blood

    TenderGreens™ Fennel

    TenderGreens™ Mizuna

    TenderGreens™ Mustard Red

    TinyVeggies™ Beet

    TinyVeggies™ Carrot

    TinyVeggies™ Carrot Mix

    TinyVeggies™ Crudite Mix™

    TinyVeggies™ Fennel

    TinyVeggies™ Mirepoix Mix™

    TinyVeggies™ Radish

    TinyVeggies™ Squash

    TinyVeggies™ Turnip Red

    TinyVeggies™ Turnip White

  Other Varieties








    Green Muscat Grapes

    Japanese Muscat Grapes

    Muscat de Hamburg Grapes

    Pink Muscat Grapes

    Red Muscat Grapes

  Other Varieties


    Black Emerald



    Candy Floss

    Candy Hearts

    Candy Snaps®




    Concord Seedless

    Cotton Candy®



    Gum Drops®

    Jelly Drop®

    King Dela





    Moon Drop®



    Muscadine Scuppernong





    Pinot Noir



    Purple Sweet



    Seedless Black

    Seedless Green

    Seedless Red



    Sweet Sapphire

    Sweet Scarlett

    Sweet Surrender®



    Tear Drops®



    Valley Pearl







    Argentata Chard

    Baby Green Chard

    Baby Rainbow Chard

    Baby Red Chard

    Barese Chard

    Golden Chard

    Green Chard

    Rainbow Chard

    Red Chard






    Frill Green

    Frill Red



    Mizuna Red Rain

    Red Mustard

    Shen Li Hon


    Ultraviolet Red


    White Mustard

  Other Varieties


    Amaranth Green

    Amaranth Red


    Collard Sprouting


    Dandelion Red


    Magenta Spreen



    Minutina Flowering

    Mizuna Red

    Mizuna Red





    Tatsoi Red








    Dragon's Tongue







    African Blue


    Blue Spice





    Holy Basil






    Purple Ruffles

    Red Lettuce

    Thai Basil

    Thai White Holy






    Garlic Buds









    Berries and Cream

    Black Peruvian






    Hung Cay










    Tops Mix






















    Iron Cross



  Other Varieties


    Anise Hyssop







    Coriander Vietnamese


    Dill Baby

    Dill Weed



    Geranium Leaves

    Ginseng Sprouts


    Hoja Santa




    Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm

    Lemon Verbena








    Ngo Gai


    Parsley Curly

    Parsley Italian




    Purslane Wild

    Rau Dang

    Rau Ram

    Rice Paddy (Ngo Om)


    Rosemary Skewers


    Salad Burnet


    Seep Weed

    Shiso Magilla


    Stonevine Dol-namul



    Tarragon Texas


    Thyme Flowering

    Thyme Lemon


    Water Dropwort


    Watercress Persion

    White Hornhound







  Bol Jamaica

  Calo Semorang






  Jade Rose


  Red Diamond






  Ant Admire


  GA 866













  Baby Red


  Rainbow Red





  Amaranth Green

  Amaranth Red


  Bamboo (Sasaya)



  Bean Long

  Betel Red




  Brussels Sprouts



  Celery Gold

  Celery White




  Chrysanthemum Garland






  Daun Bina

  Daun Sembung



  Fava Tendrils

  Fern Citrus

  Fern Leather








  Grape Leaf

  Green Grass Jelly


  Heartleaf Ice Plant

  Hoja Santa

  Javanese Ginseng

  Kaffir Lime


  Keerai Spinach




  lal Patta


  Long Bean





  Michinga Patta

  Money Chye








  Ooba Green

  Ooba Red






  Pea Vines



  Pepper Thai




  Poh Pohan


  Ponnaganti Koora



  Radish Sai Sai





  Sayur Manis

  Sour Cherry



  Stinging Nettles



  Sweet Potato



  Ti Green

  Ti Red







  Water Dropwort



  Yerba Mate


  Yuzu Lime






  Ramp Cloves


  Wild Ramps






    Iceberg Baby

    Lollo Rosso

    Mix Lettuce

    Oak Leaf Green

    Oak Leaf Red



    Romaine Green

    Romaine Red


  Other Varieties

    Asparagus Lettuce

    Boston Bibb

    Boston Hydroponic

    Boston Hydroponic Red


    Butter Scarlett

    Deer's Tongue




    Gem Green

    Gem Red



    Leaf Green

    Leaf Red




    Miners Red

    Mizuna Green

    Mizuna Red



    Romaine Hearts Baby

    Romaine Leopard

    Romaine Petite



    Spring Mix


    Tatsoi Red

    Totsoi Green




























    Black Beauty



    Jo Saeng No Ran Ggul






    Moon and Stars




    Ruby Bliss™ - Dulcinea




    West African


  Other Varieties







    Black Seeded (Kurodane)


    Blonde Baby




    Cantaloupe Tuscan Style®











    French Baby

    French Kiss



    Green Gulyabi

    Gurbek 4



    Honey Kiss


    Honeydew Golden

    Honeydew Orange-Fleshed


    Horn Kiwano

    Keli Kheli



    Kundu Winter


    Lemon Drop





    Malaysian Rock




    Muskmelon Yellow





    Petit Gris de Rennes


    Prescott Fond Blanc


    Rey Solu

    Rich Sweetness

    Rocky Sweet



    Santa Claus



    Sugar Cube

    Sugar Kiss

    Summer Kiss

    Sun Jewel






    Timun Suri



    Wax Tip Melon













    Yellow Foot




    Yellow Foot



    Candy Caps


    Chicken of the Woods

    Cloud Ear








    Trumpet Black

    Wood Ear





    King Sicilian

    King Trumpet USA

    Phoenix Tail

    Pink Flamingo

    Trumpet Baby









    Yellow Foot




    Yellow Foot

  Other Varieties


    Abalone Black


    Bear's Head

    Black Trumpet


    Blue Foot

    Boletes Butter

    Burgundy Boletes


    Candy Caps


    Chestnut Royale

    Chicken of the Woods

    Cinnamon Cap

    Cloud Ear



    Fried Chicken

    Golden Ear

    Golden Thread



    Hon Shimeji Brown

    Hon Shimeji White





    Kulat Sawit

    Lion's Mane



    Matsutake Yanagi





    Nebrodini Bianco


    Pig's Ears (Violet Chanterelle)





    Saffron Milk Cap



    Shirakami Awabitake


    St. George


    Sweet Tooth

    Tanba Shimeji


    Velvet Pioppini

    White Button

    White Large Dollar

    White Medium

    Wood Ear

    Boletes Butter



    Lion's Mane

    Ox Tongue

    Turkey Tail

    Wine Cap










  Red Diamond

  Red Ray

  Silk Road






  Alabama Red






  Hill Country Red




  West African












    Smiths Red


    Vaniglia Sanguigno









  Other Varieties




    Beni Koari


    Cara Cara





    Flying Dragon




    Japanese Bitter

    Jeruk Malang

    Jeruk Pacitan Baby

    Jeruk Shantang




    Newhall Sicilian









    Sour Italian





    Texas Sweet


    West African









  Blood White





  June Pride

  Last Chance



  Red Top











    Cho Juro





    Qiu Yue




  Other Varieties

    20th Century

    Abate Fetel

    Amore Me



    Anjou Red





    Bartlett Red


    Bella Lucrative

    Belle De Bruxelles

    Belle Ole Bruxelles

    Beurre Alexander

    Black Worcester




    Buerre Brown

    Buerre Hardi


    Cactus Green Cactus

    Cactus Red Cactus

    Cactus Yellow Cactus



    Clapp's Favorite


    Comice Red





    Doyenne du Comice


    Duchesse d'Angouleme

    Dutch Holland


    Fin de Siecle



    Forest Beauty


    French Butter

    General Leclerc


    Glou Morceau



    Honey Bellle




    Kel Ways King



    Mellow Rich


    Nouveau Poiteau




    Passe Crassane


    Queen Forelle

    Red Beurre Hardy

    Red Crimson

    Red Sensation


    Santa Maria





    Taylor's Gold


    Vermont Beauty



    Winter Nellis







Pepper Chile












    Limo Rojo



    White Fantasy





























    Bird Green

    Bird Red




  Other Varieties

    10 Mystery



    Anaheim Green

    Anaheim Red

    Antohi Romanian

    Arbol Green

    Arbol Red


    Beaver Dam


    Bhut Red

    Bhut Yellow


    Biquinho Red

    Biquinho Yellow



    Buena Mulata

    Bulgarian Carrot

    Bull Nose


    Cabe Merah Panjang

    Cabe Rawit Merah





    Carolina Reaper

    Cherry Red


    Chinese Five Color


    Cobra Black

    Cobra Red

    Corno di Toro

    Criolla Sella

    Cubanelle Italian Green

    Cubanelle Italian Red

    De Agua


    Docellto Sweet

    Dorset Naga

    Elephant Ear


    Ethiopian Brown

    Evans Hot




    Fresno Orange

    Fresno Red



    Golden Treasure




    Hatch Lumbre

    Hatch New Mexico Green


    Highlander Hot

    Holland Puntpaprika

    Holland Red

    Hot Uzbek


    Hungarian Cheese

    Hungarian Hot

    Italian Long Hot

    Italian Long Sweet

    Jamacian Red

    Jamaican Yellow Mushroom

    Jimmy Nardello

    Korean Green Hot

    Korean Red Hot

    Kpakpo Shito Green

    Kpakpo Shito Red

    Kung Pao


    Lantern Hot

    Lemon Hot


    Madame Jennette




    Mis. Janie Hatch

    Murasaki Purple

    Mystery Borneo

    NuMex Pumpkin Spice



    Paprika Alma

    Paprika Leutschauer

    Paprika Pimentos

    Pasilla Green

    Pasilla Red




    Piment d' Anglet




    Portugal Hot

    Purple Puma

    Raja Mirchi


    Red Manzana

    Red Spur

    Roaster Red



    Romano Red

    San Felipe

    Scorpion Red

    Scorpion Yellow

    Scotch Bonnet Orange Freeport

    Scotch Bonnets

    Scotch Bonnets Red

    Serrano Green

    Serrano Red


    Shishito Green

    Shishito Red


    Sigaretta Dolce

    Sugar Rush Cream

    Sugar Rush Peach

    Swallow Green

    Swallow Red

    Sweet Apple

    Sweet Tooth Orange

    Sweet Tooth Red

    Tangerine Dream


    Thunder Green

    Thunder Red

    Toro de Oro

    Tunisian Baklouti

    Urfa Biber

    Vezena Piperka

    West African Bonnet

    Witch Stick


    Yum Yum

Pepper Dried



  Fresh Green

































    Mix Peewee


    Raccoon Blue

    Red Thumb

    Ruby Crescent

    Russian Banana








    Amorgos Island








    Japanese Purple



    Naruto Kintoki



    Stokes Purple®


    West African


    Yellow West African














    Ubi Badak

    West African

  Other Varieties




    Amarilla Pervanita



    Anno Imo

    Arran Victory

    Austrian Cresent



    Besos de Novia


    Blanca Canchan

    Blanca Cocktail

    Blue Belle


    Blushing Violet

    Bodega Red

    Camotes Purple

    Camotes Yellow







    Cascade White



    Cranberry Red

    Cuchi Pelo





    Double Fun





    German Butterball


    Highland Burgundy




    Ile De Re

    Institut de Beauvais

    Island Sunshine

    Jersey Royal


    Kerr's Pink

    Kerrs Pink


    King Edwards


    Kita Akari


    Kufri Pukhraj


    Lily Rose

    Magic Molly




    Maris Peer

    Mary's Rose

    May Queen

    Mayan Gold


    Midnight Moon

    Mona Lisa


    Mountain Rose

    Mukago Tiny



    Nevada Colombian







    Pink Fir

    Pink Gypsy

    Prairie Blush



    Purple Majesty



    Red Lady

    Red Rebel

    Roja Sangre




    Russet Baby


    Sangre de Toro




    Shetland Black


    Sierra Gold

    Tumbay Amarilla




    White Rose


    Yukon Gold










    Islena Malanga

    Lila Malanga

    Red Malanga

    Yellow Malanga






    Thai Yam

  Other Varieties





    Celery Root






    Horseradish Young








    Name White

    Name Yellow



    Poire de Terre



    Suran (Elephant Foot Yam)



    Tsukune Imo



    Turmeric Black

    Turmeric White



    White Yautia



    Yamaino Kyoto


    Yatsugashira Taro



    Yuca Yellow















    Crookneck Yellow

    Gold Bar

    Patty Pan Green

    Patty Pan Yellow

    Yellow w/ Flower

    Zucchini Green



    Black Chayote

    Green Chayote

    Prickly Chayote

    Tropical Chayote

    White Chayote

  Other Varieties

    898 Squash

    Acorn Gold

    Acorn Green

    Acorn White


    American Tonda

    Banana Squash

    Bangalii Squash

    Blue Ballast


    Buttercup Green

    Buttercup Orange

    Butternut Squash

    Butternut Violina Di Rugosa

    Butternut Waltham





    Crookneck Hard

    Crookneck Yellow

    Crown Prince


    Cue Ball

    Delica Winter



    Eightball Green


    Futsu Black

    Georgia Candy Roaster Squash

    Gold Bar

    Golden Nugget

    Guatemalan Blue Squash

    Honeynut Squash

    Hubbard Blue

    Hubbard Squash

    Japanese Chestnut Sweet

    Kabocha Squash

    Koginut Squash

    Long Island Cheese

    Long Squash

    Mexican Squash



    Opo Round

    Opo Squash


    Pumpkin Butter

    Pumpkin Lady Nail

    Pumpkin Thai

    Red Kuri

    Snake Squash

    Spaghetti Courge

    Spaghetti Orangetti

    Spaghetti Squash


    Stripetti Squash

    Tahitian Squash

    Tetra Squash

    Thelma Sanders

    Turban Squash


    West African

    Winter Luxury

    Yellow Russian

    Yellow Straight

    Zapallo Loche

    Zapallo Macre

    Zucchini Green

    Zuchini w/Flower










  On The Vine


    Cherry On The Vine

    Orange On The Vine

    Red On The Vine

    Yellow On The Vine

  Other Varieties

    Bull's Heart

    Cherry Sungold

    Cotelee Antociano

    Cuore Del Vesuvio

    Mini Fruitica

    Roma Chocolate

    San Marzano Mini

    Sweet Jade

    Ananas Bleue


    Bolzano Yellow


    Early Girl

    El Dorado

    Golden King of Siberia

    Grape San Marzano

    Green Tomatoes

    Japanese Black Trifele

    Japanese Momotaro



    Palla Di Fuoco


    Pink Berkeley Tie Dye



    Roma San Marzano

    Roma Yellow

    Sicilian Marinda


    Sunset Falls Plum

    Teton de Venus

    Yellow Large




  On The Vine


    Cherry On The Vine

    Orange On The Vine

    Red On The Vine

    Yellow On The Vine

  Other Varieties






    Black Cherry

    Black Prince



    Chocolate Sprinkles

    Grape Atomic

    Grape Golden

    Grape Green

    Grape Nova

    Grape Red

    Grape Yellow

    Green Cherry

    Green Doctors

    Green Indonesian

    Green Plum

    Green Tiger

    Indigo Blue Berries Cherry Tomatoes

    Indigo Blue Chocolate

    Indigo Rose

    Italian Ice


    Orange Cherry

    Pink Tiger

    Red Cherry

    Savory Pearl

    Snow White




    Sweet100s Red

    Wapsipinicon Peach

    Yellow Cherry

  Other Varieties


    Currant Red

    Currant Yellow

    Piennolo Cherry

    Teardrop Red

    Teardrop Yellow





    Ananas Noire


    Big Mama

    Big Rainbow

    Big White Pink Stripe

    Black Icicle

    Black Krim

    Black Plum

    Black Prince

    Bosque Bumblebee


    Brandywine Pink

    Brandywine Yellow


    Ceour de Boeuf Red

    Cherokee Purple

    Costoluto Genovese

    Cow Heart

    Cream Sausage


    Dr. Wyche's Yellow


    Georgia Streak

    Gold Nugget

    Great White

    Green Giant

    Gurney Girl II


    Indigo Blue Beauty

    Jaune Flamme



    Marriage Cherokee Carbon

    Marvel Stripe

    Mushroom Basket

    Nonna's Prize

    Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge

    Paul Robeson



    Pineapple Pig

    Pink Caspian

    Pork Chop

    Principe Borghese

    Red Lightning

    Red Pear Piriform

    Rosso Bruno

    Rosso Sicilian

    Sky Reaper

    Solar Flair

    Striped Cavern

    Sunny Boy

    Sweet Tangerine

    Vintage Wine

    Violet Jasper

    White Wonder

    Yellow Fire

    Zebra Black

    Zebra Green

    Zebra Red

    Zebra Yellow

  Other Varieties






    Aceh Pelat

    Kuning Gading



  Other Varieties

    Ackee Fruit

    Aguaje Fruit




    Annatto Seeds



    Asam Kumbang Fruit

    Asam Payak

    Atemoya Red


    Belimbing Hutan

    Betel Nut



    Breadfruit Seeds

    Buah Kawista Fruit

    Buah Pedada

    Buni Fruit

    Burdekin Plums

    Cacao Bali

    Cacao Pods

    Camu Camu

    Candlestick Fruit

    Cane Fruit

    Cannonball Fruit


    Cas Fruit

    Cashew Fruit



    Cempedak Durian

    Cermai Fruit




    Chupa Fruit



    Conquito Nuts

    Copoazu Fruit

    Corozo Coastal Fruit

    Corozo Fruit

    Custard Apple Austrailian

    Custard Apple Purple

    Dried Hibiscus Jamaica

    Duku Fruit


    Egg Fruit

    Elephant Ivory Mangoes


    Gac Fruit

    Gandaria Fruit


    Goumi Fruit

    Gowok Fruit

    Green Spanish Plums

    Guabiruba Fruit


    Guavas White Guavas


    Hawaiian Mountain Apple

    Hybrid Red Jabuticaba

    Ice Cream Beans


    Jamaica Cherries

    Jamblang Fruit Purple

    Jambu Air


    Jelly Palm Fruit




    Karonda Fruit

    Kecapi Fruit



    Kepel Fruit

    Keramu Fruit


    Kokosan Fruit

    Kola Nuts

    Kolang Kaling

    Kraton Fruit

    Lemon Aspen




    Mahkota Dewa

    Mahoni Fruit

    Mamoncillo (Spanish Lime)

    Manga Kweni


    Mangga Apel

    Matoa Fruit

    Melinjo Fruit

    Menteng Fruit

    Menteng Pink

    Monk Fruit


    Munjal Fruit


    Noni Fruit

    Olosapo Fruit

    Pacay Fruit


    Pala Fruit

    Parijoto Fruit


    Pepinos Purple Jungle

    Pitcher Plant


    Rambai Fruit

    Red Palm Fruit


    Sabara Black Jabuticaba

    Safou Fruit

    Santol Fruit


    Sausage Fruit

    Sawo Duren

    Snake Fruit

    Sorbe Fruit


    Star Apple Green

    Star Apples

    Star Fruit Taiwanese

    Starfruit Florida

    Sugar Apple

    Txiv Kub nyu

    Uva Camarona Fruit

    Velvet Apple

    Vexator Blue Jabuticaba

    Vi Tahiti Fruit



    Zuriat Fruit






    Black Oca

    Cherry Red Oca

    Pink Rose Oca

    Red Bolivian Oca

    Sunrise Oca

  Other Varieties




    Maca Black


    Mashua Black


    Sunchokes Red





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