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Drumstick Moringa

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The pods of the Drumstick or Moringa tree are long, smooth-skinned, dark green, and three-sided. The pods, which can reach anywhere from 6 to 18 inches in length, are soft when mature and have bumps that run the length of the pod, revealing the seed nodes. Within the pods is a fleshy pulp and pea-sized seeds encased in wing-shaped hulls. The Drumsticks are tapered at each end. Moringa pods are bitter with a somewhat sweet taste; their muted flavor allows for a variety of seasoning options.


Drumstick pods are available year-round in warmer, tropical regions.

Current Facts

Moringa oleifera, is known as the Drumstick tree for its long pods that resemble drumsticks. The pods of the taller, more mature trees are consumed as are the root, and leaves. It is sometimes called the ben-oil tree for its seed oil which is non-drying and is used as a watch lubricant and paint base. Along with industrial uses, the tree has Ayurvedic properties, anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties. The roots possess a horseradish flavor, and in the west the plant is referred to as the ‘Horseradish Tree’ despite the fact that horseradish comes from an entirely different plant species.

Nutritional Value

Drumstick pods are rich in nutrients like iron, vitamin c, beta-carotene, copper and iodine.


Young Drumstick pods are ready to eat when they snap apart when bent in half. If the pod is too old, it becomes fibrous and woody. Drumstick pods are typically prepared by cutting into one or two inch pieces and adding to soups, curries, and Sambhar. They are pickled, boiled, steamed, and fried. Drumsticks can be prepared much like green beans or asparagus. The pods can be sliced lengthwise and the pulp scooped out and eaten; in India this is a delicacy.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

In Ayurveda, there are 300 different medicinal uses of the drumstick plant. The flowers, leaves and roots are used as folk remedies for cancer. In the Philippines, the pods are known as malunggay.


The Drumstick plant was reportedly first cultivated in 2000 BC. The Drumstick plant is native to India, Arabia and parts of Africa, though it is mostly grown in Pakistan and India. Drumsticks are in high demand in Singapore, and throughout India for its healing properties and many culinary uses.

Recipe Ideas

Recipes that include Drumstick Moringa. One is easiest, three is harder.
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Shikigami Batata Saragva Nu Shaak/ Spicy Potato and Drumstick Vegetable
Roti & Rice Drumstick Shrimp Curry
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Share Food Moringa Drumstick Curry
Masala Herb Moringa Pod Gravy with Coconut
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Indian Khana Drumstick Masala | Mulakkada Masala
Edible Garden Drumstick Rasam
Shikigami Saragva | Shing Nu Lotvalu Shaak | Drumsticks tossed in Spicy Gram Flour Pudding
the other 4...
My Heart Beets Instant Pot Avial (Kerala Mixed Vegetable Curry)
Relish the Bite Drumstick Masala
Mommys Cuisine Munaga kaaya Tomato Kura (Tomato Drumstick Curry)
The Cook's Cook Machi Singh no Patio (Fish and Drumstick Curry)

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