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Reinette Rouge Etoile Apples

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Reinette Rouge Etoile apples are medium in size and have a round to conical shape. The skin is firm, matte, and semi-smooth, sometimes covered in russet, and has a yellow-green base, almost entirely overlaid with a dark red blush when ripe. The apple’s surface also bears many white, star-shaped freckles. Underneath the skin, the flesh is primarily white and sometimes displays pink-tinged hues directly under the skin and surrounding the core. The texture is medium-firm, fine-grained, and juicy. Reinette Rouge Etoile apples have an intriguing, intense, and unique raspberry flavor with balanced levels of sweetness and acidity. The vigorous Reinette Rouge Etoile tree will grow well on sandy soil. It crops heavily and biennially. The tree also has good resistance to diseases such as scab and mildew.


Reinette Rouge Etoile apples are available in the fall through early winter.

Current Facts

Reinette Rouge Etoile apples are scientifically known as Malus domestica and are a heritage, late-season variety from Western Europe. This variety is known by several different names, including Sterappel, Starapple, Pomme de Couer, Calville Etoile, and Early Red Calville. The name Reinette Rouge Etolie translates from French to mean “red star apple,” a reference to the star pattern when the fruit is cut in half or for the star-shaped russeting on the skin.

Nutritional Value

Apples contain many beneficial nutrients for health. One apple has about one-fifth of the daily recommended value of dietary fiber, important for the digestive and cardiovascular systems. They also contain vitamin C, potassium, and many phytochemicals. Although Reinette Rouge Etoile apples have been found to have slightly less vitamin C than the average apple, the vitamin C content is still a vital source of antioxidants to support the immune system.


Reinette Rouge Etoile apples have a distinct, raspberry flavor that is showcased when consumed fresh, out-of-hand. The apples can be eaten with or without the skin, and the flesh can be sliced and tossed into green salads, mixed into fruit bowls, or chopped and stirred into grain bowls. Reinette Rouge Etoile apples can also be blended into smoothies, pressed into juices, or sliced and used as a fresh topping over yogurt, oatmeal, and ice cream. Reinette Rouge Etolie apples pair well with soft cheeses, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and other fruits, including citrus, strawberries, bananas, and pears. Whole Reinette Rouge Etoile apples will keep for a few weeks when stored in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

Reinette Rouge Etoile apples are prized for their unique and robust raspberry flavor. Although it was once a more common apple, today, it is often grown as a luxury fruit around Christmastime, especially in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Northern France.


The first Reinette Rouge Etoile apples were grown in either the Netherlands or Belgium. They were first recorded in 1830 near Maastricht, a city located on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium, making them a historic heritage apple. Reinette Rouge Etoile apples were once widely grown within the Maastricht region, but in the 1950s, the variety declined in popularity and became steadily less common. Today, Reinette Rouge Etoile apples have developed a niche market and are prized among apple enthusiasts, primarily found in Europe.

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