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Belle de Boskoop Apples

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This item was last sold on : 01/10/21
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Belle de Boskoop apples are medium in size with a slightly squat, round and somewhat lumpy shape. Their skin is yellow with a light red blush covered with medium to heavy russeting. Its flesh is white to pale green and dense with a crisp texture. Belle de Boskoop apples deliver a tart, dry and highly aromatic flavor that mellows and sweetens with storage.


Belle de Boskoop apples are typically available from late summer through early winter.

Current Facts

Belle de Boskoop apples are a member of the rose family (Rosaceae) and of the species malus domestica. They are one of the most popular russet varieties of apple available on the market today.

Nutritional Value

Belle de Boskoop apples are a good source of soluble fiber, which has been shown to promote heart health by lowering cholesterol, controlling weight and regulating blood sugar. They also contain vitamins A and C as well as a trace amount of boron, most of which is located in the skin of the apple.


Belle de Boskoop apples are often used in cooked applications as they hold up their shape when prepared. Slice and bake into pies or a challa. Add chopped or grated Belle de Boskoop apple to pancake, waffle and cake batter. Puree and cook down into sauce, chutney or apple butter. Their flavor pairs well with pecans, dates, oranges, gorgonzola cheese, and warm spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove.


The name of the Belle de Boskoop apple is homage to the town Boskoop located in the Netherlands where the apple was first discovered growing in 1854. In addition to the Netherlands today they can be found growing in apple growing regions of Germany, England, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

Recipe Ideas

Recipes that include Belle de Boskoop Apples. One is easiest, three is harder.
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Share Pic 57041 Santa Monica Farmers Market    vCard Info
See Canyon Apple Orchards
Near Santa Monica, California, United States
About 125 days ago, 9/23/20

Share Pic 52974 University District Farmers Market    vCard Info
Booth Canyon Orchard
391 Twisp Carlton Rd Carlton WA 98814
Near Seattle, Washington, United States
About 423 days ago, 11/30/19
Sharer's comments : Intensely tart with fabulous rich apple flavors!

Share Pic 52690 Marylebone Farmers' Market    vCard Info
Chegworth Valley
Near Upper Woburn PlaceEuston Road (Stop L), United Kingdom
About 444 days ago, 11/10/19
Sharer's comments : Fresh picked from the valley !

Share Pic 51930 Santa Monica Farmers Market    vCard Info
Barbara Windrose Farms
Paso Robles, CA
Near Santa Monica, California, United States
About 496 days ago, 9/18/19
Sharer's comments : Tasty!