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Mustard Greens

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This item was last sold on : 01/25/21


Mustard greens have broad, wavy frilled leaves with longitudinal veins and a deep green color. The upright leaves are supported by coarse stems that can be quite fibrous when fully mature. Smaller leaves are considerably tenderer, while larger Mustard greens require cooking. They have a succulent yet crunchy texture and a robust flavor reminiscent of pepper and horseradish.


Mustard greens may be found year-round with peak season fall through spring.

Current Facts

Mustard greens are also commonly referred to as Indian mustard, Chinese mustard, or leaf mustard, and botanically classified as Brassica juncea. It is a generic name that is applied to many different varieties, including white, green and red varieties. Mustard greens are of this genus should not be confused with those of the the Sinapis alba species, a completely different genus of mustard plants that is responsible for seed production used in making the eponymous condiment.

Nutritional Value

Mustard greens contain compounds which have cancer preventing benefits, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and natural detoxifying properties.


Mustard greens can be used in both cooked and raw preparations, depending upon their maturity. They are commonly implemented as a salad green, pot herb or braising green. Mustard greens pair well with rich meats such as pork, lamb and sausages, creamy sauces, aged and melting cheeses, apples, peaches, cucumbers, citrus, vinegars, especially apple cider and rice, nuts like pistachios and hazelnuts, herbs and spices including cumin, cilantro, dill, garlic, fennel and coriander. The seeds of the mustard plant can be sprouted and eaten raw or dried and used as a spice or in pickling brine, and of course, to make the eponymous condiment.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

Mustard plants contain volatile oils which have strong antimicrobial (bacteria and fungi) properties. These properties make mustard greens a choice cover crop to plant as an organic pesticide for weeds and soil born-pathogens.


Mustard greens are native to India. The first varietal differentiation of mustard greens was cultivated in China near Sichuan. Mustard greens have been naturalized throughout the northern hemisphere from Japan to Europe to South and North America. Though very tolerable of a variety of climate and soil conditions, Mustard greens prefer rich organic nutrient-dense soils, full sun and cool temperatures for efficient and fast growth.

Featured Restaurants

Restaurants currently purchasing this product as an ingredient for their menu.
Viejas Casino Grove Steakhouse  Alpine CA   800-295-3172
Landons East Meets West  San Marcos CA   760-304-4560
Union Kitchen & Tap (Encinitas)  Encinitas CA   760-230-2337

Recipe Ideas

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Her Produce
Near Santa Monica, California, United States
About 97 days ago, 10/21/20
Sharer's comments : Chinese Mustard Greens

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Fresno Evergreen
Near Santa Monica, California, United States
About 325 days ago, 3/07/20

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Whole Foods Market - Tatum Blvd
10810 N Tatum Blvd Phoenix AZ 85028
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About 386 days ago, 1/06/20
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Sundial Farms
805 Mar Vista Dr. Vista CA 92081
Near Vista, California, United States
About 423 days ago, 11/30/19

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Baja Ranch Market
2515 N Fair Oaks Drive Altadena CA 91001
Near Altadena, California, United States
About 578 days ago, 6/28/19

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Albertson’s - Harbor Blvd
2300-c Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa CA 92626
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About 585 days ago, 6/21/19
Sharer's comments : Organics

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Fresno Evergreen
Near Santa Monica, California, United States
About 710 days ago, 2/16/19
Sharer's comments : Mustard Greens spotted at Virginia Park Farmer's Market.